Go Ahead, Brag a Little!


It’s time to stop being your biggest critic and start being your biggest fan. After all, if you won’t advocate for yourself than who will?!

It’s time to recognize and be proud of your strengths! They are the things that make you uniquely different and valuable to any organization. Take 2 or 3 minutes and write down your top 5-7 strengths. We’ll get back to them in a second.

Here is the thing about strengths- just because we are good at something it doesn’t mean that we enjoy it. For instance, you might good at Math but have absolutely no interest in being a statistician. And that’s OK! Go back to your list and for each item ask yourself “Is this something I enjoy doing”? If the answer is no, cross it off your list and replace it with something that are both good at and enjoy.

Some people will tell you that while it’s important to identify your strengths it’s also important to identify your areas of improvement. And while, I agree it’s not necessarily for the same reasons. By using the Pareto Principle (or the 80/20 rule as it’s commonly called) we know that 80% of our output is determined by 20% of our input. So imagine what your life would be like if you spent 20% of your time focusing on your strengths instead of trying to eliminate your weaknesses. How would that change the other 80%? What would your world look like? What opportunities would open up for you?

By focusing on your strengths you are allowing yourself to be powerful, creative, confident and bold. And those weaknesses? Start by realizing that no one is perfect and we will never be good at everything, so stop trying! Instead pick one or two areas of development that you actually want to improve in because they have the capability of being converted into strengths and figure out how to ditch the rest. Better yet, figure out how to use a strength to solve the problem(s) created by a weakness! Go ahead, I dare ya!

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