I’m Doing Something Really Scary I’ve Never Done Before..

I’m doing something that I’ve never done before!

And to be honest, it scares the crap out of me. I’m posting something, about my business, on Facebook. Eeeek!

I’ve been coaching for well over 2 years, so why start now? Well it all started a few months ago. My fantastic friends (who also happen to be bad-ass coaches), decided to set an intention for 2016 by using just one word. If you think that’s easy – go ahead and try it – it’s so much more complicated than you’d initially think. I should know because it took me WEEKS to identify the one thing that could perfectly sum up the journey I want 2016 to take me on. Finally, it hit me – my word is DISCOVERY.

Here’s what that means for me – discovering who I am: as a person, as a friend, a wife, and a coach. Who do I serve? What’s my message? Sure I have an understand of all of this right now, but I want to peel back the layers and have a true understanding of WHO I am; at my core.

Here’s the scary truth I’ve recently uncovered. Part of discovering who I am means I have to be discovered. I do tons of speaking gigs, but blogging, posting, social media-ing has been something I’ve resisted big time. Putting myself out there means you can see me, REALLY see me, which means you can judge me too. Yes, even coaches have self-doubt.

So, here I am taking my first step.

This post isn’t just about me, though, it’s also about you. I bet there’s some goal you’ve created that scares the bejesus out of you, too. That’s why I created this amazing event “Pressing Reset on Your New Year’s Resolution: Living with Intention in 2016” happening next weekend @ 405 Yoga in D.C.  If you’re ready to get really clear on what you want from 2016, and stop hiding behind the fear then join me for an interactive workshop event which includes an invigorating 60 minute Vinyasa Flow to help you bring those intentions to live. It’s all happening on Saturday, January 30th. Use discount code: discovery for a special price of $147.


And, I’m curious…what’s your word?