Coaching & Cocktails Workshop: Feeling Stuck? Change Your Rules, Change the Game

This happy hour with a purpose brings members of our group together with two main intentions: to examine how we are playing the game of life, and create strong connections in the process! 

Are you feeling stuck at work or in your personal life? Longing for clarity but regardless of what you do, or who you talk to you just can’t seem to find it? This month our conversation will help us explore one of the main culprits for this– limiting beliefs. You see we all create a set of “rules” by which we live life. Most of the time these beliefs are given to us by our family, friends, the media, etc. and truly impact the way we show up in our lives. During this event we’ll explore what limiting beliefs you are carrying around, what damage they’re doing, and create new beliefs for you to use to your advantage. 

This workshop will also give you the opportunity to build strong relationships with others in a small and supportive group setting. The feel our of events are all based on community and connection! This is much more than just your average networking group- so if you are simply looking to exchange business cards or find business leads, this is most definitely not the meetup for you. However, if you are ready to ditch your work frustrations and get the life that you want and deserve then you are in the right place! 

**To ensure that our members get the most out of our time together, space is limited to 12 participants. Please only rsvp once you have made the commitment to yourself (and to us) to attend. 

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