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It’s said that managers do things right while leaders do the right thing

So, what does it take for a good manager to become a great leader? As author John Maxwell famously said, “leadership is influence; nothing more and nothing less.” 

It’s this essential skill that has the greatest effect on employee engagement and productivity. There are many training programs that teach sound management principles, but that only really scratches the surface of what it takes to create a thriving workplace. 

At the core of our influencing skills is our ability to connect, build trust, and inspire others with our vision. You see, being influential isn’t something that we can just do because it’s really a way of being. As a society we’re obsessed with “doing” and so the first question leaders tend to ask themselves when they want to maximize their team’s productivity and performance is, “what should I do?” or “what actions can my team take?” These efforts might bring positive results for a short period of time but eventually that momentum fades and we end up in the same place we started. 

When we teach leaders to focus solely on the how of leadership, we’re setting them up for failure because they’re missing the first two key steps in the development formula. It’s our thoughts or beliefs about ourselves, our team and our work that creates our attitude, which then determines how to interact with others. If we want to create true change we can’t just skip to the last part of the equation, we must go back to the root of it all: our perceptions. It’s this combination of addressing both the inner game and outer skills that make development efforts stick and bring about powerful, sustainable results organization wide. 

The Leadership Lab: Coaching Skills Immersion program is designed to give your leaders the mindset shifts, game-changing skills and practical tools that will forever change their style of leadership and allow them to bring out the best in their team, without adding another thing to their plate. Many leaders wrongly believe that coaching is a polite way of telling others what to do and how to improve. When in fact, coaching is about creating a partnership that allows your employees to reach peak performance and engagement. The result? An organization with powerful and influential leaders who know how to inspire others, champion their team, and have fun doing it. 

Leaders who adopt a coaching style can expect: 

• Improved leadership skills, confidence and presence 

• Increased satisfaction in working relationships with employees and peers of all generations 

• Improved ability to persuade, influence and negotiate for results 

• Decrease in stress, worry, and overwhelm 

• Increased productivity and better decision making 

• Increase in team performance 

• Reduced rates of turnover and cases of presenteeism 

• Enhanced authority and credibility

The Leadership Lab: Coaching Skills Immersion was created to teach a different type of leadership philosophy that is based on a style of coaching. By integrating simple coaching skills, you get highly influential leaders who know how to have meaningful development conversations that create connection, increase trust, and help their team members reach their fullest potential. And the best part? It decreases the amount of work and stress for your leaders!

This leadership lab can be done in a variety of formats; including a series of lunch and learns, half-day, full day or multi-day workshops. 

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