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So, you spent 4+ years getting an undergrad degree, perhaps several more earning your Masters, all with the expectation that at the end of the journey you’d have your dream job waiting for you. Ya know, the one that is supposed to pay you buku bucks, give you a ton of power and prestige, fill your life with purpose, and make you a superstar.

Whelp, jokes on us. As most of us know, the vision that we created in our minds of what our careers would look like is far from reality. Like not even in the same hemisphere of reality.  We spent all that time in class, completing internships, taking aptitude assessments, and reading self-help books, and yet still have not one single clue what we want to do when we “grow up” or how the hell we’re going to pay back that beotch Sallie Mae in just one lifetime. Whoa! Talk about pressure!

As a young professional you’ve probably done all the things you were supposed to do and yet, you still feel completely lost when it comes to your career.  Perhaps you’re a recent grad or currently between jobs, but the idea of job hunting is so overwhelming that you decide you have no other choice but to take a nap, refuel, and hit the job boards again when you awake in 17 hours. Maybe you have been in the working world for a few years now, but find yourself daydreaming of the perfect job you once envisioned and not this hell on earth where you are a prisoner to your desk for what feels like an eternity each week.

In either case, the good news (or so you thought) is you did exactly what you were supposed to. The bad news is that it’s left you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and contemplating quitting your job life. The fear, self-doubt and anxiety that we experience makes us do crazy things like taking a job that we are overqualified for just to get our “foot in the door” or go back to school or whatever else we think will do the trick.

But, all of these tactics won’t bring you what you really want which is: success, happiness, and money if you don’t take the time now to get really clear on what you want your future to look like. And I’m not talking about the picture that everyone else is painting for you—I’m talking about the future that is going to support, encourage, and enable you to not only find your passion, but live your passion.

From here it’s easy. Make a promise to yourself to let go of the self deprecating inner chatter that has been keeping you up at night for just a little while you make your way through this workbook. By the end you’ll know exactly who you are, but more importantly who you want to be.

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