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You’re so used to being the one doing the work that it’s hard to let others help. Which keeps you involved in the day-to-day rather than sitting down to do the big picture thinking that’s needed to take your company to the next level. 

It’s hard to let go because no one else knows this product and position like you do. Yet you don’t have any bandwidth and energy to give to anything else. You feel like you’re always playing catch up.

You want to step into the visionary role… There are people in your office every 45 seconds with the next crisis. Which means you’re always in crisis mode. And you have a big heart and want to save everyone so it can feel like if you don’t do this now, 20,000 children aren’t going to eat today. 

You’re busy trying to find solutions that appease everyone, and you are often torn between trying to give everyone what they want. Trying to make everyone happy just feels like playing tug of war - and you’re the rope. In the end, nobody’s happy.

When all your priorities are a 10 and everything deserves all your attention, that means that your team’s goals will be unclear, priorities won’t be straight, and they’ll be spinning their wheels figuring out what will make you happy as a boss.


Plus customers can feel when you’re spread thin and they’re not in the spotlight. Your company culture also suffers because when employees aren’t in alignment with their organizations’ goals, they aren’t happy.  

It's time to become the type of person (and leader), that you would want to follow. 

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Goal setting, accountability, setting priorities, creating time and space for you

The Fiercely Focused Experience

A 90 day experience to take you from drowning in your ideas to making sh*t happen


The Leadership Lab

For organizations who want to create highly influential leaders who know how to inspire others, get results, and have fun doing it

Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Entrepreneurs, Small Business

Individual Leadership & Executive Coaching

Once you step into the role of leader, your job is to get work done through others; not to do it yourself.  Find your style and so you can lead with confidence and charisma