90 days to take you from drowning in your ideas to getting sh*t done

As a leader and people pleaser, you’re ambitious, talented, and constantly pushing yourself and others towards excellence. 

You never have a shortage of big ideas that light you up and would make a huge impact on the people around you.

Except there’s just one problem: making time to bring these big ideas to life seems impossible. An overflowing inbox, meetings that suck your time and energy, and not to mention that your office door often feels like a revolving door instead and you crave the time and mental freedom to bring goals to life. 

You feel frantic, rushed, and like you’re always behind; even when you’re not. And although you  like people to *think* you have it all together, you wonder how true that actually is. 

You’re starting to resent the people and projects you once adored because you’re overstretched and feel like you’re putting in way more than you’re getting. 

It could be different. You could be different. Image if...

  • You were able to have just as many finishes as starts. 
  • Your days were designed to help you feel calm, purposeful, and focused. 
  • You felt a sense of accomplishment and pride because you let your desires take priority and created the sacred space to honor them. 
  • You were able to show up as a better boss/creator/friend/co-worker/spouse/parent.
  • You had the confidence to say no with grace and had the courage to disregard other’s expectations of you. 

I’m a leadership coach for people pleasers. They’re rebels who don’t have the time or energy to do the important work because they're constantly putting out fires and taking care of everyone else’s needs.  I teach them how to get out of the weeds so they can focus on the big picture ideas that will move their team forward. In the process, they also find confidence, clarity and learn how to prioritize their own needs so their big dreams can finally come to life. 

The Fiercely Focused Experience is for doers and people pleasers who desperately want their big ideas to come to life, but can’t find the exit ramp on the hamster wheel. 

On the surface? It’s about prioritizing and goal setting.

But really? It's about making a commitment to yourself to make time and space for the things you’ve been saying you want to do, but always get the back burner. 

The best part? Your productivity, happiness at work, and ability to get sh*t done will skyrocket. 

As a result of joining this community, you will… 

  • Feel in control of your schedule.
  • Finally move the needle forward on the things you’ve been saying you want to do for years.
  • Be able to clearly communicate your priorities and expectations to your team/family.
  • Get comfortable saying no and delegating.
  • Achieve more results by putting in way less effort.
  • Be part a community of like-minded people who are experiencing similar successes and struggles.
  • Have built-in accountability partners who can hold your hand and/or kick your butt when you need it.

Your 3-month Fiercely Focused Experience includes:

  • A 90minute group kick-off virtual workshop where we get super clear on what you’re priorities actually are (not what you think they should be) on Monday, November 18th
  • Weekly 30 minute group video calls to keep you on track, hold you accountable, and measure your progress.  **The first 5 people to sign up will get to choose the day/time of the week we meet.
  • Bonus pop up classes like “Say no with grace” and “how to not burn yourself out over the holidays”
  • A hard copy of the 90x planner, which is my absolute favorite goal planning tool. It will be mailed directly to you. 

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities” - Stephen Covey

As a recovering people pleaser, I know how it can feel like the weight of the world (or at least a project) falls directly on your shoulders and just how difficult saying no can be. The truth is that every time we say “no” we make room for a “hell yes”

Are you ready to say hell yes to your progress? If so, 

Join the Waitlist 

Have questions? Call me at (703) 951-6685 or shoot me a Voxer