Ready to be a masterful coach?

Even though we are just meeting, if you found me, I know there are a few things that are true about you...

  • You're an overachiever. If you weren't you would have done the $9.99 coaching certification online. Instead, you went to one of the top training schools in the world.
  • You finally feel the purpose and passion you've been looking for.  After years of struggling in careers that just didn't quite fit, you know you've finally found your true calling.
  • When you tell friends and family that you're a coach their response is usually, "omg, it's about time!"
  • And for you...coaching just isn't something that you's an expression of who you are...

As coaches, we know how powerful of a process it can be. And there is no greater feeling than to watch your client get that magnificent insight, tackle their biggest challenge head on, and get the dream life/career/relationship they've been desperately wanting. 

You have your coaching certification and maybe you've been doing this now for a year or two. You know you're a good coach, but you want to be a great coach. You know the kind- always confident and self assured, filled with golden nuggets to give to their clients and that never seem to get tripped up by any client situation. 

And that's where I come in. 

I work with new(er) coaches both in the classroom and individually as their mentor coach and over the years I see coaches making the same rookie mistakes: 

  • Jumping to quickly into action before uncovering the root issue and are met with lots of resistance
  • Disguising their advice in the form of lead-in questions
  • Dancing around the real issue because they are scared of how the client will react if they get called out
  • Not knowing how to cut through the story when there's just so much of it..they just keep talking and talking and talking... 

Over the years I've seen (and heard) it all. From coaching executives internally to leading group coaching programs and workshops to working intensively with my one on one private clients, I've learned what works and what doesn't. I've also learned that in order to be a great coach I had to stop comparing myself to others and find own my style. 

Ready to do the same? Then join me and other coaches just like you every month for a FREE training call. This is all about upping your coaching skills. No business building talk allowed. You've got 20 other coaches in your feed who do that ;)

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Cut the Crap: Simple Shifts to Get Clients Out of Their Story

12pm - 1pm EST


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Cut the Crap: Simple Shifts to Get Clients Out of Their Story

I don’t know about you, but whenever I find myself doubting my coaching skills and feeling less than masterful, it’s because I’ve found myself lost in a session- not knowing how we got here or where the hell to go next.

And If you’re lost, you know your client is also scratching their head.

There’s a few reasons you might find yourself in this spot but the biggest by far is that you 1) bought into your clients story and your questions are just reinforcing their original belief or 2) there’s so much “story” you have whiplash from trying to keep up and aren’t entirely sure what parts or relevant and how they all connect.

Sound familiar? I’ve been there plenty of times and there’s some tried and true techniques I use to help me laser in on the core energy.

During this months call I’ll be sharing these tips. In addition, I’m also going to give  you a framework that helped me break this habit and helps me avoid this trap in my coaching sessions. I’ve even created a fun worksheet that will help you apply what you learn on our call immediately into every coaching session.


12pm - 1pm EST


Hear What Others Are Saying...

"I am so  thankful that I was paired up with Stacy. She was an absolute joy to work   with and I learned so much from her. She was easy to connect with, provided   helpful feedback (which was always on point), encouraging...just the absolute   best!"

"Stacy's   patience, support, clarity in constructive coaching was extremely helpful. She has a very engaging and   wonderful personality. I am very appreciated of her mentor coaching!"

"Stacy is so easy to connect with. She's energetic and engaged. She gives excellent feedback and a tremendous amount of support. I have loved my sessions with her."